Girls Panties for Men Who Like to Feel Naughty

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For some men, there is nothing more erotic than the feel of soft silk girls panties for men. Some men indulge in a little make-up and maybe a wig. Other men dress in attire deemed socially acceptable for men, but will still sneak on a pair of cute panties just to feel a little naughty. Even heterosexual men have been discovered by their wives stealing a pair of her panties for their own personal pleasure. It is often difficult for men to find the right kind of panties for themselves without getting suspicious eyes from salespersons in lingerie stores. No one needs to know about your preference of undergarments except for you. Luckily, there are many stores online that offer the luxury of picking out girls panties for men. They are made specifically for men, so that the cut of fabric will comfortably conform to the shaft and testicles. This is something that women’s underwear do not typically offer.

There is nothing wrong with a man who like to wear women’s underwear. It is simply a preference of attire and what makes them feel sexy and comfortable. Why would these men waste their lives in bulky clothes that do not suit them? They may not have the body of a woman, but they do not need one to enjoy the sensuality of being feminine and dressing accordingly. Women’s underwear has much more to offer than men’s underwear in terms of cuts and designs.



Men’s underwear does not come with lace lining or frilly trim. Boxers and briefs line shelves at clothing stores as the primary selection for men’s underwear. So it is no wonder that a lot of men are craving something more. Girls panties for men is an excellent break from the usual male undergarments. No man should be bored with any article of clothing he wears. That is the whole purpose of panties made specifically for men! Now men do not have to dress plainly. They can enjoy unique and daring designs just like women can!

Do You Enjoy Girls Panties for Men

When it comes to girls panties for men, you would be amazed at the number of guys who love wearing then. For centuries, men with a panty fetish or just a panty preference have had to resort to such things as raiding the dresser drawers of females that they have access to such as their sisters, mothers, aunts, or cousins. These men had to sneak into the bedrooms of these females and try to take panties that looked as if they were not often worn and would probably not even be missed. Of course, these guys were usually pretty worried that they would be found out someday and their humiliation would be enormous.


At first, it seemed as if there was no hope for guys who loved panties. Then, girls panties for men came on the scene. In the beginning, these panties were disguised as plus size ones and sold through catalogs from Frederick’s of Hollywood. A man could browse these catalogs and discreetly order what they wanted without anyone guessing their secret. They never even had to go into a public shop and deal with sales associates who would certainly be very curious about why men were shopping for plus size panties. These days, there is the internet in place of mail order catalogs which offer even more privacy for your special shopping. Many men turn to online websites to find their panties.

Fortunately, these days, designers have gone to their drawing boards and invented girls panties for men. These garments are actually made especially for men now. There is a little extra part to these specifically made to order panties that will eliminate the tucking that men must do in order to hide their natural package. You have to admit that if you cannot hide this away, it will bring you out of the proverbial closet and most likely will expose you to people that you do not want to know your little secret. Otherwise, pull out your computer and find some websites online that will give you some lovely, sexy options of panties made just for a man like you.

Give Your Guy Some Girls Panties for Men


If you are trying to find something fun and kinky to give your guy for a special occasion or simply for fun, try to find some girls panties for men. These can open a secret door that has been locked for years as far as how each man feels about wearing panties. There is a significant number of men who love wearing panties and have been doing so in secret since they were very young. Maybe they used to go through the dresser drawers of females that they had access to when they were growing up. They probably loved the silkiness of them or even the cotton ones. Then once they had tried on the panties, they were hooked on them. Obviously, not all males take up this little fetish but quite a lot of them actually do, carrying it into their adult lives.

Girls panties for men are going to feel much more comfortable and realistic than guys trying to snag some of the panties from females they have access to. You see, the panties that are created for men are made to do some of that tucking that can be so necessary. The fit is a tiny bit different but it still works quite well. These panties are in all styles such as bikini, thong, G-string and French style. Women have access to those styles of panties all the time. They can walk into a Victoria’s Secret anywhere and find some of the hottest panties around.

The point here is that if you have even the slightest suspicion that your guy might be into wearing girls panties for men, you should start searching for some and give them to your guy as a gift. It might just mean a night of naughty, role playing with him wearing the panties. The other thing it might do is let him know that you are perfectly ok with that particular fetish and he might just confess to you that he loves wearing panties. Of course, one of those things might naturally lead to the having fun together part and you may just have one of the sexiest, hottest nights of your relationship.

Picking Out your Girls Panties for Men


When it comes to wearing girls panties for men there are some guys that do it just for fun and so that want the whole experience of being feminized while they are out in public. You may fall into one of these categories at some point in time but for now we will assume that you are just looking to start wearing something a bit different on occasion. The good news is that you can find all kinds of different designs to meet any needs you might have when it comes to wearing feminine underwear.

The first thing you need to understand about wearing girls panties for men is that you aren’t actually wearing women’s panties that you would buy from any clothing store. While there is no reason why you couldn’t do something like that you would end up finding out the hard way that you have to get used to wearing something like that with time. You aren’t going to be able to just slip a pair on and head off to work because they aren’t actually made for guys to wear. They don’t really have enough room in them if you get the meaning.

True girls panties for men will have a little extra room of those parts that only guys have and that makes them much more comfortable than buying regular panties from the store. You might end up having to pay a bit more in the long run but it is completely worth it. Just ask any guy that might be wearing something like this under their pants and they will explain it to you. If you are truly serious about wearing items of this nature than take some time to look around online at what is available and then pick out something that you think would work. It would probably be a good idea to pick up a couple of extra pairs just in case so that you can have more than just one to wear because you will end up falling in love with them.

Girls Panties for Men Can Be Your Secret

One of the biggest secrets that many guys carry around with them is the fact that they wear girls panties for men. In fact, you would be working in an office with other co-workers who are wearing a pair of panties. You might also be one of those men. If that is the true, you have to understand that you can still enjoy wearing panties and have it remain a secret. No one has to know this about you and you certainly can continue to relax while wearing those panties. There   are also panties that are made much like those belonging to women. The comfort is still there as well as being easy to keep your very special secret. The largest selection of made in the USA male to female transformation panties, swimwear, shorts, tights and more.


Girls panties for men have probably been around for a while, but there were few, if any, men who shared their secret with anyone. Therefore, these panties coming out into the public was a largely slow process. It is hard to know who was completely responsible for the initial launch but they caught on especially fast with men who had been borrowing the panties from the females in   their lives. Frederick’s of Hollywood was one of the first retail companies that started adding feminine items to the line of clothes in men’s sizes. They still have some amazing designs for the men who are trying to ease into this particular part of their lives.

Getting in touch with your feminine side can help you get comfortable while wearing girls panties for men. They do it mostly in private. There are websites that offer many different designs and styles of panties for men who are enlightened as well as confident. Many men have reverted to wearing the special panties that are created specifically for men. They are able to wear these panties in comfort while also keeping your package well-hidden. Once you start wearing panties, you will never look back.


Your Friends Don’t Need to Know About Your Girls Panties for Men


Not every guy can wear girls panties for men and feel good about themselves and the feminine quality they offer. I have come to the understanding that there are going to be men in this world that will absolutely not look into their feminine side in any way shape or form. That is perfectly fine as I do not want to force people to do things that they have strong feelings against but I think the same consideration should be given to me as well. I don’t see why I should be singled out and judged because I am willing to explore my feminine side in some way or another.

I don’t really understand why guys wouldn’t want to wear girls panties for men since they are so comfortable. I know that a lot of men out there see it as an affront to their manhood but the reality is that they would be much more comfortable throughout the day and that is what is actually important. Maybe if someone was able to butch up these panties for guys like that they would finally get around to viewing the world in terms of how happy they could be rather than the typical male ego of power and control.

Either way you look at it, wearing girls panties for men can be a very liberating thing. You can still be exceptionally male while around all of your friends if you aren’t walking around without any pants on. They aren’t going to know that you are wearing panties under your pants unless you strip down and show them. If you are afraid of what they are going to say about your underwear than you can keep them a secret and not say anything. No one else has to know that you are wearing panties anyway and there is a good chance that you aren’t aware of what kind of underwear your friend shave on at any given moment anyway.

Wearing Girls Panties for Men Every Day is Stress Relieving


When you think about girls panties for men you probably picture something flashy and made from lace or something but that isn’t what I like to wear. I have known guys that will wear panties like that all the time and they are perfectly happy with them. However, I am not happy while wearing items of that nature. In fact they bother me all day long and I keep trying to maneuver them around without looking like I am having a mental breakdown. I prefer wearing something that is comfortable and benign in appearance most of the time because that is the type of guy that I am.

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I do wear some extra sexy girls panties for men on certain occasions but for my everyday adventures I like the typical cotton panties instead. They are much more comfortable to me and they don’t tend to ride up into places that I would prefer they didn’t. Any guy that doesn’t have a problem with this happening has probably been wearing panties like this their entire life and it isn’t really a fetish for them anymore. Even when I am trying to be sexy my panties ride up and I spend a good bit of time trying to find ways of getting them back in place without simply sliding my hand down my pants and moving them.

I have also found that the girls panties for men that I enjoy wearing help reduce a small amount of stress in my life. The daily grind that I go through isn’t really filled with danger or anything but it does tend to get a bit monotonous at times. When I am wearing my panties though I don’t feel the same amount of boredom that I would normally feel if I was wearing my boxers and it has made me want to start wearing them more often. Now I wear them just about every day and I am buying more of them so that I can eventually toss out my old underwear and have nothing on but panties from here on out. It may sound odd to you but if you give it a shot you will understand what I am talking about rather quickly and you will probably do the same thing as I.

Don’t Hesitate to Wear Girls Panties for Men

If you want to wear girls panties for men than you should just wear them. Don’t think about what might or might not happen if you were wearing them. Put them on and look at how sexy you are in them. I always thought it would be interesting to try wearing something like this but it took me years to gather up the courage to actually do it. I always thought myself out of it by coming up with the most bizarre setups in which everyone around me found out what I was wearing.


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Of course none of those setups ever happened and I have been wearing girls panties for men for a few years now. But I kept thinking about what would happen and how people would treat me after they found out what I was wearing. The funny thing is that I always thought that my family would disown me and my friends would run away in fear but I don’t think that would actually happen now. They might have some questions to ask me but it wouldn’t be all that bad although I do have a friend that would probably freak out if he ever found out about them but that isn’t really a big loss of it bothers him that much.

Don’t sit around and come up with excuses to not wear girls panties for men because there will come a time when you regret thinking that way. It may not be today or tomorrow but some day in the future you will look at how unhappy you are in your life and ponder whether or not wearing those panties would have been the one path out. So get up and find yourself some sexy panties and put them on. You only live once and you want to make sure that you make the most of the time you have left. Buy something frilly and sexy and see what it feels like against your skin. You don’t have to wear them in public if you don’t want to but I can guarantee that there will come a time when you will definitely want to wear them around other people.

I Wear Girls Panties for Men Because I Love Them


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I love wearing girls panties for men everywhere I go. There is something so sexy about having those little cotton panties on and I just can’t help myself. I want to get up on tables and throw my pants off screaming for everyone to look at my cute little panties, although I know that will only get me into trouble. I still think about doing that while I am in those long ass business meetings with nothing to do. I wonder how my boss would handle something like that since he already seems to be afraid of me for some reason.

If you haven’t ever worn girls panties for men than you probably have no idea what I am talking about right now. These things are so comfortable that you literally think about nothing else all day long. It took me weeks to finally get my mind back in order when I first started wearing them. I would sit and day dream about all the fun things I could be doing in my panties while I was at work. I almost got fired because I was late on a really big account and it was all because I was trying to figure out what panties I was going to wear for the rest of the week.

Most guys don’t think about things like that but if they are wearing girls panties for men then I can guarantee that they are thinking in those terms. They don’t care about anything else that is going on around them as long as they have their panties in order. Or at least that is how I have been living my life for the last few years since I started wearing them all the time. I just think it would be great if I could do nothing but model panties online so that everyone could see exactly why they should be buying and wearing things like this.


Forced to Wear Girls Panties for Men


IF you have not tried wearing girls panties for men, then you are missing out on something that could change your life. I have always been one of those guys that wore nothing except boxers simply because I thought it was the manly thing to do. They never did fit all that well and I constantly found myself getting uncomfortable while I was wearing them. But I had to keep up the appearance because that is what all men were wearing and I did not want to be some kind of a freak by wearing something different. Then something happened and all of that changed for me in a single night.

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I was dating a girl that was constantly trying to get me to wear girls panties for men and I would always laugh it off and tell her no. How could she be serious, right? I did not want to wear something like that because I might actually enjoy it and I would have to try and explain to everyone that might see them why I chose to wear panties. Since my mind does not come up with witty things very fast, I just did not want to deal with it. However, you know how girlfriends can be when they really want something. That’s right. She finally talked me into it one night and I have been wearing them ever since.

I was scared about wearing those girls panties for men anywhere else expect in my own house and right before going to bed for a very long time. I just knew someone was going to find out about them and I did not want that happening. But after some time I realized that most people do not pay any attention to the kind of underwear you are wearing and I started venturing out into the world with my panties on. Of course, I wore some sort of slacks over them. After a month and no one asking me about them I came to the conclusion, that it did not matter and I have worn them every day since then without issue.