Don’t Hesitate to Wear Girls Panties for Men

If you want to wear girls panties for men than you should just wear them. Don’t think about what might or might not happen if you were wearing them. Put them on and look at how sexy you are in them. I always thought it would be interesting to try wearing something like this but it took me years to gather up the courage to actually do it. I always thought myself out of it by coming up with the most bizarre setups in which everyone around me found out what I was wearing.


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Of course none of those setups ever happened and I have been wearing girls panties for men for a few years now. But I kept thinking about what would happen and how people would treat me after they found out what I was wearing. The funny thing is that I always thought that my family would disown me and my friends would run away in fear but I don’t think that would actually happen now. They might have some questions to ask me but it wouldn’t be all that bad although I do have a friend that would probably freak out if he ever found out about them but that isn’t really a big loss of it bothers him that much.

Don’t sit around and come up with excuses to not wear girls panties for men because there will come a time when you regret thinking that way. It may not be today or tomorrow but some day in the future you will look at how unhappy you are in your life and ponder whether or not wearing those panties would have been the one path out. So get up and find yourself some sexy panties and put them on. You only live once and you want to make sure that you make the most of the time you have left. Buy something frilly and sexy and see what it feels like against your skin. You don’t have to wear them in public if you don’t want to but I can guarantee that there will come a time when you will definitely want to wear them around other people.

I Wear Girls Panties for Men Because I Love Them


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I love wearing girls panties for men everywhere I go. There is something so sexy about having those little cotton panties on and I just can’t help myself. I want to get up on tables and throw my pants off screaming for everyone to look at my cute little panties, although I know that will only get me into trouble. I still think about doing that while I am in those long ass business meetings with nothing to do. I wonder how my boss would handle something like that since he already seems to be afraid of me for some reason.

If you haven’t ever worn girls panties for men than you probably have no idea what I am talking about right now. These things are so comfortable that you literally think about nothing else all day long. It took me weeks to finally get my mind back in order when I first started wearing them. I would sit and day dream about all the fun things I could be doing in my panties while I was at work. I almost got fired because I was late on a really big account and it was all because I was trying to figure out what panties I was going to wear for the rest of the week.

Most guys don’t think about things like that but if they are wearing girls panties for men then I can guarantee that they are thinking in those terms. They don’t care about anything else that is going on around them as long as they have their panties in order. Or at least that is how I have been living my life for the last few years since I started wearing them all the time. I just think it would be great if I could do nothing but model panties online so that everyone could see exactly why they should be buying and wearing things like this.


Forced to Wear Girls Panties for Men


IF you have not tried wearing girls panties for men, then you are missing out on something that could change your life. I have always been one of those guys that wore nothing except boxers simply because I thought it was the manly thing to do. They never did fit all that well and I constantly found myself getting uncomfortable while I was wearing them. But I had to keep up the appearance because that is what all men were wearing and I did not want to be some kind of a freak by wearing something different. Then something happened and all of that changed for me in a single night.

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I was dating a girl that was constantly trying to get me to wear girls panties for men and I would always laugh it off and tell her no. How could she be serious, right? I did not want to wear something like that because I might actually enjoy it and I would have to try and explain to everyone that might see them why I chose to wear panties. Since my mind does not come up with witty things very fast, I just did not want to deal with it. However, you know how girlfriends can be when they really want something. That’s right. She finally talked me into it one night and I have been wearing them ever since.

I was scared about wearing those girls panties for men anywhere else expect in my own house and right before going to bed for a very long time. I just knew someone was going to find out about them and I did not want that happening. But after some time I realized that most people do not pay any attention to the kind of underwear you are wearing and I started venturing out into the world with my panties on. Of course, I wore some sort of slacks over them. After a month and no one asking me about them I came to the conclusion, that it did not matter and I have worn them every day since then without issue.

Girls Panties for Men


I have an issue with wearing girls panties for men and no one seems to be able to help me. Of course I do not really go around telling people about this little issue I have since they would probably think I was a freak, especially my friends and family. I am pretty sure that if any of them found out about what I was wearing under my slacks, they would disown me and cast me to the side like so much garbage on the side of the road. Its really sad for me to think that way but that is the time we happen to live in and this is how people have treated me at various times in the past.

My problem with wearing girls panties for men is that I like to wear the tightest and frilliest pairs that I can find. I do not like the typical white cotton panties that most other guys seem to want to wear. While they are nice to have on, I want something a little sexier than that. What I mean by that is that I want to feel my cock and balls being pushed up inside me so that I actually start walking like a girl, but without having to wear any kind of support or anything like that.

I know there are things that I could wear with my girls panties for men that will give me that kind of control, but I do not want to have to wear anything else with them. I want to feel the panties and nothing else against my skin so that means I have to buy things that are a couple sizes smaller than what I should be wearing. This has caused some chaffing issues in the past and I do not want to keep going through that. I want to know the secret to wearing my panties without having to use another item to keep things in place.

Living a Secret Life with Girls Panties for Men


I do my best to not tell anyone that I am wearing girls panties for men all the time. I have found out the hard way that telling people what kind of underwear I have on never ends well. It always makes the person I am telling freak out a bit and they do their best to leave without seeming impolite but it always comes off as being exceptionally rude. Because of this I have decided that it isn’t any of their business what kind of underwear I have on and leave it at that.


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Now I have had a few moments where I hooked up with someone at the club and they found out about my girls panties for men. At least one of those occasions worked out to my benefit because the woman I was with thought it was extremely sexy that I was willing to wear something like this. The other times turned out to be anything but beneficial as they thought I was a freak. Thankfully they didn’t stick around long enough to tell me what they really thought about me wearing panties and I am perfectly fine with that.

You would think that guys could feel comfortable wearing girls panties for men whenever they wanted to and no one would have a negative thing to say about it. But times haven’t changed as much as most people would like to believe they have I guess. I know that one of these days real soon I will be looked at as a normal guy for wearing something that makes me feel good about myself. Until then I will keep my secret and go on with my life. Maybe I will find a partner that understands that I am only trying to be myself and live my life as comfortably as I possibly can before I get so old that I can no longer wear panties.

No More Need to Steal Girls Panties for Men

Are you one of those men who have just discovered that there are girls panties for men in the existence now? If so, you are probably extremely thrilled with this information. It means that you no longer have to go snooping in the lingerie draws of your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, or, heaven forbid, your grandmother just so you can have some panties to slip onto your body. There will be no more risks of getting caught with these panties that you have stolen. Now, you have some panties that are made just for you by some genius designers. Somewhere along the way, there were designers that realized how badly men needed panties of their own to wear. So they went to the drawing boards and got busy designing them. In no time at all, these panties were available for sale on the market.

The day that girls panties for men were launched was one of the most glorious days in the lives of guys who love that silky feeling of panties as it slides against their bare skin. These panties are made exactly like those that are created for women except for the fact that they are made to accommodate that extra special part of a man’s body. There is no more need for tucking in order to fool people when you are all dressed up in your feminine clothes. They will never notice that you have anything extra. It will appear as if you only have a vagina and no one will be the wiser.

Girls panties for men is one of the most innovative and exciting inventions that have ever been created. After all, why should not men have access to those sexy and silky underpants that women get to enjoy every day without a single thought about it? Of course, you do not have to have only silk for your panties. There are also panties made from cotton and spandex. In that way, you will have more options when it comes to wearing what you prefer the most. In addition, if you are worried about where you might shop discreetly for your panties; there is no need to be. Simply go online and you will find plenty of websites that sell not only panties for men but other items as well.


The Right to Wear Girls Panties for Men

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I love wearing girls panties for men although I do not come out and tell people this very often. In fact, you have to be someone really special for me to even come out and tell you that I am wearing panties. I have had a lot of people in the past tell that I am a pervert for wearing things like this so I learned to keep my mouth shut. I do not find anything wrong with it, though, and I am sure that a lot of other people around the world would find them just as comfortable as I do. Of course they will never try them out because of the fear of being ridiculed for it and I find that rather sad.


I would love to live in an age where wearing girls panties for men would be completely common amongst everyone. So common that it is not even considered in any way, shape or fashion. Just like everyone wears shoes when they are walking down the street and, therefore, no one thinks about it when they see someone wearing shoes in public. They may look down at their feet to see what kind of shoes they have on, but that is about as far as it would go. I want that type of life with my panties. Obviously, I will not be wearing my panties so that others can see, but if they happen to show a bit when I bend over or something, I do not want it to be considered a big deal.

That probably is not going to happen anytime soon and there will always be people that do not think wearing girls panties for men to be appropriate. I do not care, though, since I can wear them under my pants and no one has to know about them. I get to feel sexy and comfortable all day long and no one else gets to know my little secret. It kind of makes me feel special knowing that I am wearing something in a business meeting that would probably get me fired if I walked into the office in nothing but those panties. Of course, why would anyone do that?

Girls Panties for Men Make Panty Raids Unnecessary


If you were ever a part of the college fraternity scene, chances are that you indulged in some panty raids. This might have been particular fun if you are one of those guys that love to wear panties. Today, the invention of girls panties for men have made those college panty raids totally unnecessary. You can get your own panties that have been created specifically for men even though they carry all of those things about girls panties that you love. That extra special area that all men need a little help in covering up is included and even helps makes things all the more comfortable, if that is even possible. Some really smart designer realized one day that there are so many guys that want to wear their own panties. So this designer sat down and started making sketches of panties that would work out perfectly for men. Then the designer began to create prototypes and work on them until everything was just right.

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The point is that now that there are girls panties for men; there is no need to worry about sneaking into your sister’s, mom’s, girlfriend’s, or wife’s lingerie drawers to steal a pair of panties. Now all you have to do is shop for your own panties while you visit websites that are created for men like you. These websites carry all of the many different types of panties for men that you can imagine. They all look just as beautiful and sexy as any panties that would be chosen by women. All you have to do is browse through the selections and choose the ones that seem to be calling your name the loudest. If you hit a sale, you can even buy several pairs of panties.

Not only do girls panties for men look and feel sexy; they also make the guys wearing them feel sexy, too. Nothing makes men feel more erotic than these panties that are made just for them. That silky sensation of the fabric clinging and brushing up against your bare skin cannot compare to anything else. The only thing you might have to be careful of is getting a random erection while you are enjoying that sexy sensual feeling against your very special place. People will notice that and you might have trouble explaining that it is happening because you are wearing a pair of the sexiest panties ever created. On the other hand, you might not even care what they think. All that matters is how you feel with those panties on your body.

So Thankful for Girls Panties for Men


Girls panties for men were a long time coming but I am most thankful for the person who invented them. In the past, I always had to scrounge through my sister’s, mother’s and even girlfriend’s dresser drawers to find some panties to wear when the mood hit me. There is just no way to describe how those silky and sexy panties feel against the skin. It is a sensation of comfort and sensuality combined to create one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You do not have to be gay to enjoy this feeling, either. In fact, there are many straight men in the world that just love wearing panties for a variety of reasons.


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If you are honest with yourself, you will admit to having at least a little bit of curiosity about panties. Now that girls panties for men are available on the market, you can try any panties that you want without having to perform a panty raid. You know that those females you have been sneaking panties from for years are going to notice at some point that some of their panties are missing. All women have favorite lingerie and that includes panties. With your luck, you would eventually have snagged one of those favorite pairs of panties and been totally busted. Now, you do not have to worry about that every happening to you. There are plenty of websites now that offer these special panties for men.

Granted, these girls panties for men have that little extra something added to the crotch of them so that your package can be successfully hidden from view. When you slip these panties onto your body, all you have to do is put on whatever outfit that you want to wear. If that happens to be something feminine, no one will ever know that you are carrying something around that a woman would not have. You will be able to fool as many people as you want because you will be dressed as a woman from the inside out as well as feeling every inch the gorgeous woman that just may be hiding within you. Once you try a pair of these panties, you will be just as thankful for them as I am.

Girls Panties for Men to be More Relaxed


I have found that wearing girls panties for men to be extremely comforting especially in times when my stress levels are high. I used to worry about business meetings and those sorts of things all the time until I started wearing these panties. I always thought that I was going to do something stupid during those meetings and end up getting fired, which almost happened a few times, to be honest. On the other hand, while I am wearing my panties, I don’t feel like I am going to mess anything up and I think everyone else is starting to notice my laid back attitude.


The funny thing about it is that I never actually thought that wearing girls panties for men would give me this kind of superpower. I know it’s not a real superpower or anything since I am only wearing panties, but it does kind of make me feel like I am more powerful than I usually am. Now I am more focused on what is being discussed during these meetings and I don’t forget as much as I used to which is a good thing as far as my boss is concerned. I just don’t have the heart to tell him that I am wearing frilly panties.

Not all guys can wear girls panties for men but the ones who can will definitely tell you that things do not affect them as much as they would have in the past. I can let things go rather quickly these days because I am too relaxed to really care about them anymore. Back in the day, I would let things like that boil under a closed lid until it made me sick. These days now that I am wearing my panties, I have found my physical health to be better as well.  I feel that most guys wearing things like this will probably nod their heads in agreement with this statement, even if it isn’t proven with hard science.