Pleasing Girls Panties for Men

Girls Panties for Men

Pleasing Girls Panties for Men

One of the most exciting things I have ever done was to start wearing girls panties for men on a regular basis. Some guys may think that wearing panties is a bit odd, but if they would just give them a try, they would see just how comfortable they can actually be for them. The great thing is that these types of panties have all the comforts and design styles of panties for women, but with the addition of the pouch to hold a man’s cock in place. No more scrunching up pieces of your anatomy to fit into panties, guys!


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Girls panties for men by bikinis, thongs, g-strings and micros suits

Girls panties for men by bikinis, thongs, g-strings and micros

With girls panties for men, you are able to go about your normal daily routines and feel as comfortable as ever. I wear mine all the time and find that the commute to work and any business meetings I might have that day are much easier to get through when I have my panties on. They won’t ride up like my boxers used to do, either, and that can be a miraculous aspect to look forward to. Of course, you will have to get used to the way they fit at first, but that shouldn’t be all that bad if you are already used to wearing panties in the first place.

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