Deciding to Wear Girls Panties for Men

Nothing is easy about deciding to wear girls panties for men. Most guys are way too masculine to admit that they would love to be able to wear something like this on a regular basis. They think that wearing girls panties will make them seem like less of a man in the eyes of their family and friends, even though they secretly dream about them all the time. I think that it takes a true man to be able to get in touch with his feminine side and put something like this on regardless of what other people may think.

You should feel comfortable wearing your girls panties for men no matter what anyone else may think about them. If you can manage to live your life happily while wearing something like this, then you are the type of man that deserves to be as happy as possible in everything you do. You might not want to walk around in nothing but your panties, especially out in public, but you should be able to wear them under your pants and be just as successful in life as any other man would be wearing their boxers or briefs would be. In fact, some guys are even more successful because of them.


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