Girls panties for men how feminine can you go?

Very if you want a tranformation look!

There are girls panties for men and then there are real girls panties for men. In this post when I talk about girls panties for men what I mean to say is panties that will transform a man to a girl. Of course there is no way to do that physically without a major operation but we can do it visually so the wearer completely appears to have a vagina. This is very exciting for men that are transsexual, cross dressers, femdom slaves or just your average guy who wants to experience that complete feminine feel. The photo I am posting is one of the newer Koala Mens swimwear, male transformation underwear, spandex fetish wear, Lycra sex wear and yes a full line of male chastity products. This photo shows a man transformed to show his exposed pussy lips. Look closely there is no shaft what so ever but he does have an appx. 6” penis that is shown in another photo but not posted here. You can most likely see it at  I believe this is one of the most exciting trends in girls panties for men. What do you think?


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