Girls Panties for Men to Feel Comfortable and Sexy

Girls Panties for Men to Feel Comfortable and Sexy

Wearing girls panties for men seems like a very strange thing to most people in the world, but if you have ever been in college, then there was at least one moment in time when you were wearing panties and you actually found that you enjoyed it. Well, instead of having to worry about what style of women’s panties you should buy and hope that they end up being comfortable for you; there are actually panties being created specifically designed to hold the man bits that female panties just can’t manage. Now that is a sign of civilization if you ask me.

The fact that they are making girls panties for men that will hold everything that needs to be supported and still look sexy is a sign that mankind is finally accepting that there is much more to life than the typical male role. Granted, I don’t think that cavemen would have found wearing silk panties all that impressive while they were tracking and hunting down wild game, but the office is a lot easier to deal with when you are as comfortable as you can be wearing a thong designed just for you.

Imagine what life would be like if you could wear your girls panties for men without having to worry about friends or family saying anything negative about it. That would be the day when true peace and happiness might just spread across the globe if you ask me. But until then, you can still wear your panties under your clothing without anyone else knowing about it and enjoy the time you have left in this life. Maybe someday the world will accept the fact that men like to look and feel sexy, but until then; you go out there and feel as sexy as you want while wearing your panties no matter what.


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Girls panties for men and male chastity

male chastity cock control

If like me you are into girls panties for men and feminizing products that help men get the feminine feeling you might be interested in male chastity products too. At the root if you wear girls panties for men you love the way they feel but you might also may need your sexual pleasures controlled by someone other than yourself. There are many gay men who are into girls panties for men but there are many straight guys just as into it. Funny thing is that the same holds true for male chastity. I have posted many times before that Koala mens swimwear has the most awesome extreme designs, male to female transformation products and now they are putting together one of the largest selections of male chastity cock cages found anywhere. Thought I would grab and post one of their photos of a cage that I am ordering.