Girls Panties for Men Make Panty Raids Unnecessary


If you were ever a part of the college fraternity scene, chances are that you indulged in some panty raids. This might have been particular fun if you are one of those guys that love to wear panties. Today, the invention of girls panties for men have made those college panty raids totally unnecessary. You can get your own panties that have been created specifically for men even though they carry all of those things about girls panties that you love. That extra special area that all men need a little help in covering up is included and even helps makes things all the more comfortable, if that is even possible. Some really smart designer realized one day that there are so many guys that want to wear their own panties. So this designer sat down and started making sketches of panties that would work out perfectly for men. Then the designer began to create prototypes and work on them until everything was just right.

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The point is that now that there are girls panties for men; there is no need to worry about sneaking into your sister’s, mom’s, girlfriend’s, or wife’s lingerie drawers to steal a pair of panties. Now all you have to do is shop for your own panties while you visit websites that are created for men like you. These websites carry all of the many different types of panties for men that you can imagine. They all look just as beautiful and sexy as any panties that would be chosen by women. All you have to do is browse through the selections and choose the ones that seem to be calling your name the loudest. If you hit a sale, you can even buy several pairs of panties.

Not only do girls panties for men look and feel sexy; they also make the guys wearing them feel sexy, too. Nothing makes men feel more erotic than these panties that are made just for them. That silky sensation of the fabric clinging and brushing up against your bare skin cannot compare to anything else. The only thing you might have to be careful of is getting a random erection while you are enjoying that sexy sensual feeling against your very special place. People will notice that and you might have trouble explaining that it is happening because you are wearing a pair of the sexiest panties ever created. On the other hand, you might not even care what they think. All that matters is how you feel with those panties on your body.

So Thankful for Girls Panties for Men


Girls panties for men were a long time coming but I am most thankful for the person who invented them. In the past, I always had to scrounge through my sister’s, mother’s and even girlfriend’s dresser drawers to find some panties to wear when the mood hit me. There is just no way to describe how those silky and sexy panties feel against the skin. It is a sensation of comfort and sensuality combined to create one of the most amazing feelings in the world. You do not have to be gay to enjoy this feeling, either. In fact, there are many straight men in the world that just love wearing panties for a variety of reasons.


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If you are honest with yourself, you will admit to having at least a little bit of curiosity about panties. Now that girls panties for men are available on the market, you can try any panties that you want without having to perform a panty raid. You know that those females you have been sneaking panties from for years are going to notice at some point that some of their panties are missing. All women have favorite lingerie and that includes panties. With your luck, you would eventually have snagged one of those favorite pairs of panties and been totally busted. Now, you do not have to worry about that every happening to you. There are plenty of websites now that offer these special panties for men.

Granted, these girls panties for men have that little extra something added to the crotch of them so that your package can be successfully hidden from view. When you slip these panties onto your body, all you have to do is put on whatever outfit that you want to wear. If that happens to be something feminine, no one will ever know that you are carrying something around that a woman would not have. You will be able to fool as many people as you want because you will be dressed as a woman from the inside out as well as feeling every inch the gorgeous woman that just may be hiding within you. Once you try a pair of these panties, you will be just as thankful for them as I am.

Why Wear Girls Panties for Men

When it comes to girls panties for men, there are many reasons that guys have been thankful for the ability to buy them. Obviously, this does not include all men on the face of the earth but for those men who have a special affinity for wearing panties; these are the answer to many needs for them. They are no longer forced to sneak into the dresser drawers of girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers or any other females in their lives to find a pair of panties that they can wear. Of course, they are also worried that whatever pair of panties they choose might just be missed so they have to be very cautious of the panties that they select. With the introduction of panties created just for men, all of that is now in the past.



Some very smart designers realized that there are many guys out in the world who would greatly appreciate having access to girls panties for men. Not only can men buy their own panties now, but they are also able to enjoy the comfort of having that extra support that a man needs. That is why these panties are ideal for the guys who love wearing panties but were maybe feeling a bit odd or embarrassed about it all. Having their own panties means that there is a significant number of men around the world who love the sensation of panties against their skin and most private parts. They can now relax and even feel a certain amount of pride in knowing that they have this very special secret that is now supported by manufacturers.

There are many guys who select these girls panties for men instead of opting to raid the panty drawers of the women around them. Even if their own panties were discovered by someone, it really would not be that big of a deal because it will be clear that these are items created just for men. They will be seen as just some sort of erotic and quirky item that was chosen to wear and there is nothing wrong with being a little kinky in your life. In fact, you may even spark a bit of fire by modeling these panties for your partner. You just never know until you give it a shot.

Beautiful Girls Panties for Men


Those lucky guys who can truly appreciate the feminine side of themselves are never happier than when they are wearing beautiful girls panties for men. It is such a great thing these days that there are actually panties made specifically for men. They still retain the silkiness of a woman’s panties while offering a comfortable and successful concealment of that special part of a man. That has always been the most difficult part for men wearing womens panties. They still have to find a way to tuck and hide without taking away the overall feminine look of the panties. Now there are panties made for men that take care of that little problem. If you are a fan of wearing panties, you should definitely try out one of those panties that have been created especially for men.

Beautiful girls panties for men have been around for many years even though they did start out as the womens form of panties. Some very crafty designers realized that men wanted to wear these panties but there were not the right kind of panties for men. So these designers went to their sketch pads and started drawing some of the styles of panties that they carried in their heads just for men. Once they landed on the best designs, they started to choose the ideal fabric to create these panties. You will notice that a lot of these panties made particularly for men are made from silky material. That is because the sexiest panties that women choose are usually made from the same sort of material and men love the way the panties feel as they mold against their bodies.

Guys that have loved panties for their entire lives are now able to purchase girls panties for men and could not be happier about that situation. They can also choose to share their secret or not. It is totally up to them because these panties are not immediately noticeable to others. In fact, they are impossible to display to others unless you decide to tell them or show them in the mens room one day at work. The thing is that if you can now be comfortable, feel sexy, and be totally private about it. Now, really is that not the way that things should work?


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My Secret Girls Panties for Men


When it comes to wearing girls panties for men, I keep that as a deep, dark secret of mine that I do not share with anyone. Now the reason for keeping it a secret has nothing to do with the fact that I am ashamed of it or that I think it is weird. The reason that I keep it secret is because I know that it will seem both shameful and weird to the outside world; or to most of it anyway. I am well aware of what most of the world considers to be normal so I do myself a favor and keep this secret of mine because I want to be able to move about comfortably among people and not be judged or ridiculed for my attachment to panties.


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If it were up to me, I would be shouting from the rooftops that I love wearing girls panties for men because of all the comfort and fun that the experience brings to me. There are actually many guys in the world that feel exactly the same way that I do. They may not have all started off the same way in finding their love for panties, but the end result is still the same. These are the men who will do anything to find as many opportunities as possible to slide into those silky, sensuous wonders that are panties. Make no mistake; those men are out there walking around in the same towns, cities, and neighborhoods that you are. Some of them may be sitting beside you in the next cubicle at work or even on the pew next to you at church. These are the men who have also learned to keep their secret.

Girls panties for men really should not have to be kept so underground because of the many men who love wearing them. When you think about it, enough guys were interested in wearing panties that someone realized that they could make a mint of money if they were to design some panties that were exactly like a woman’s but with that little something extra needed to make them more comfortable. That is when these panties were created to insure that any man on the earth who happened to like wearing panties could do so in complete privacy and comfort. If you are one of those men with the same deep, dark secret; you have no need to worry any further about anyone discovering it unless you want to tell them.

Girls Panties for Men to be Unique



Wearing girls panties for men does not make me gay and it does not make me a sissy. I just wanted to put that out there first since that is usually what I get called the first time I reveal my secret to them. Then, we get into a huge argument over why guys should not be wearing panties and the friendship, or possibility of one, dies away rapidly. I have lost some pretty important people in my life because of this, including my own parents. This was because they simply could not grasp the reasoning I had about wearing panties all the time.

Guys that wear girls panties for men will tell you that the comfort is a big part of their decision to wear them. They will also tell you that there is something uniquely sexy about having something like this on under your clothes. It does not matter what type of “manly” thing you are doing with all your friends; you are still wearing panties underneath it all. I can see why people would not understand that but, to them, I say try it out for yourself and you will understand. Give yourself a chance to try out something new and see if it might be something you like. If you do not like it, then move on with your life and leave mine alone.

I strongly feel that wearing girls panties for men should be left up to the individual and not society. There are a lot of things that society can get right when it comes to governing a large group of individuals but, whether or not I should wear panties, is not one of them. I want to express myself in ways that society frowns on, but that does not make me a bad person. It does, however, make me a guy that is in touch with a part of himself that most men will never even get to see. That also makes me a highly unique individual that any man would be proud to claim.


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Sneaking Girls Panties for Men


If you are one of the many guys who have been forced to sneak girls panties for men to wear because you so enjoy the silky sensation of panties against your bare skin, you should know that there are much better methods these days to get your hands on them. No more are the days when guys have to quickly sort through the lingerie drawers of their girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, etc., in order to steal a pretty pair of panties. There are designers these days that put their considerable talents to work in creating panties that feel exactly like those that women wear but are built in a way that holds and tucks that special part of a man that women do not have. Hot bikinis to male transformation and everything in between. All made in the USA

These particular girls panties for men are some of the most genius inventions for guys that really love getting in touch with their feminine sides. Also, there is no longer any worry of being caught red handed with your hand in the panty cookie jar.  All you have to do is perform a search online and then head to one of the higher quality menswear websites. You will have all the time you need to browse through these selections of panties at your leisure without having to worry about anyone bothering you or being spotted by someone you know. Of course, if you are spotted by someone you know in the mens panties section of the shop, they have some of their own explaining to do.

Girls panties for men are among the most sought after items when it comes to guys who want to feel sexy. They love the sensuous, silkiness of those panties but now, they can wear them when they decide to go out dressed up in their other pretty clothes without anyone being the wiser. These panties are also quite affordable and will provide all of the sensations that you have been wishing for since the first time you decided to sneak a pair of panties from a female relative. Once you try them on, you may never go back to mens underwear again.

Just What is it about Girls Panties for Men


Have you ever heard of girls panties for men? If not, then you would be amazed that all around the world, there is a group of men that exist yet the purpose of what they do is little known. In fact, it is only known to the other members or highly trusted people of members what the purpose of the group is. You must be mightily interested by now as to what this mysterious group is and what their members do. You might have even decided that they are super heroes of some sort, and maybe they are in a way. That will be up to you to decide once you hear all of the facts.

You see, there are many guys in the world that love wearing girls panties for men. They did not always have access to panties made just for men. In the past, they had to raid the lingerie drawers of their girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers, grandmothers or whatever females that they could gain easy access. These men would then select the panties that they loved the most and would sneak away with them. Once they were alone with their coveted items, they stripped from the waist down and slid these silky, heavenly, sexy creations onto their bare bodies. The sensation that they would experience was like nothing that they could ever have imagined. That is the moment it all began.

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These days, there is no real reason to hide the fact that there are men who love wearing girls panties for men. While they may not be thrilled with the idea of letting everyone see what they prefer to wear underneath their respectable outer clothes, they no longer have hide their heads in shame. Now they can simply go online, visit mens specialty websites, place an order for panties that are made man style, and then sit back to await the new panties to arrive right on their doorstep. Therefore, if you are still wondering just what it is about those panties for men, go ahead and give it a try yourself. You will understand instantly.


Relaxing in my Girls Panties for Men


I love wearing girls panties for men, but I cannot tell anyone that I am wearing them. If any of my family or friends found out about what I am wearing under my pants, they would disown me for sure. I know there are a lot of people in the world that have no issues with a guy wearing things like this, but the people I know are not like that. I cannot run the risk of them finding out so I have to keep everything a deep dark secret. The problem is that all I want to do is share my fetish with the world so that I can be comfortable in my life.

I enjoy wearing my girls panties for men while I am working, too. There is a special kind of freedom that I find while I have them on that I never got from wearing anything else. It is like I am completely relaxed no matter what stressful situation I find myself going through at work and I have my panties to thank for that. If only I could find a way of sharing that comfort with the people around me so that they could enjoy it too I would be happy. But they are going to have to figure out a way of finding comfort in their life on their own terms.


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One of these days girls panties for men will be the norm and no one will think twice about wearing them. I feel those days are coming sooner than anyone else might expect and that will be the day I tell the world that I have already been wearing them most of my life. I will end up looking like the smartest guy in the world when that day comes around and that has me very excited. I guess I should buy a special pair of panties for that special occasion so that I can show off what I have known for years.


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Do Not Be Ashamed of Liking Girls Panties for Men


When it comes to girls panties for men, guys should not keep feeling ashamed of the fact that they like panties. After all, that is why panties have been invented just for men. Once the word was out that there was a significant number of men who enjoyed borrowing the panties of various females in their lives, it was clear that something needed to be done to help these men be as comfortable as possible. Womens panties are constructed a bit differently because of the way their bodies are built. They do not have that little something extra that needs to be contained and kept that way in a way that does not feel awkward to men.

Before the launching of girls panties for men, it was up to the guys to figure out how they could discreetly obtain the panties that they so craved. This was done in different ways. For a long time, men would simply sneak into their girlfriends’ or wives’ lingerie drawers to select a pair to slip into. Later, such companies as Frederick’s of Hollywood began to make panties in larger sizes. Marketed as being for plus size women, men flocked to the catalogs and ordered many pairs of these panties. That showed manufacturers all over the world just how much of a demand there was for men to have their very own type of panties that they could buy discreetly from companies that would not make them look odd.


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Eventually, innovative designers discovered this and started creating girls panties for men. These were still just as comfortable and sexy as womens panties but they were constructed with the male body in mind. This meant that there was a way to wear panties while still concealing that extra something that men have. It also meant that men could easily shop for their own panties without feeling embarrassed or ashamed at someone knowing that they love wearing these frilly garments. This brought about a totally new attitude among the men who wear panties and it has opened up a whole new world for them.