Even My Wife Does not Know About My Girls Panties for Men

Even My Wife Does not Know About My Girls Panties for Men

I wear girls panties for men and do everything I can to make sure no one finds out about them. I have not even let my wife in on the little secret that I wear things like this because I am pretty sure she would not understand. In fact, she would probably leave me right away if she found out that I was sneaking my panties out of the house and changing into them once I got to work. The only thing I can say about that is that they make me feel more comfortable than anything else I have ever worn. In fact, I honestly believe that every guy should be wearing stuff like this so that they can understand more about themselves.


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I want to tell my wife that I am wearing girls panties for men but she is a bit weird about things like that. Even watching stuff in movies that might go in that general direction makes her extremely uncomfortable and I do not want to be the cause of that for her. I want her to be happy and the only way I can do that is by keeping my fetish a secret. I just hope she does not get mad at me when she does finally find out because I was keeping it a secret.

I wish I had the guts to tell her that I wore girls panties for men when we first started dating, as that would have been the proper time to do so. I just liked her so much at that time that I did not want her to think I was crazy and walk away from me. But even if she did, I would have been able to get over it and move on with my life. I am afraid that after thirty years of marriage it would not be that easy for me now. So I will keep my secret to myself and make sure that she never finds my stash of panties hidden away in the garage. I will be in for a rough time if that ever happens.

Girls Panties for Men: The Best Styles for Your Body Type

Girls Panties for Men: The Best Styles for Your Body Type

Just like with women, girl’s panties for men can come in a variety of styles that are perfect for most any body type. Men’s body types can be similar to women’s, but the panties will always fit a little differently on the male bodies. To find that perfect fit, consider both your size and your hip shape. For heavy men, boy shorts and bikinis can be great options. The boy shorts would be best on a heavier man with a thick booty.


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The bikinis are good if the butt is not as full around or the hips crease is hidden under a fold of excess skin. Briefs may ONLY look sexy on large men with a bit of a dip at the waist. Slim men can look cute in a thong or bikini. The thong is best for a cute little bubble butt. The bikini is best if you carry a little shapeliness to your hips. Muscular men can look great in thongs, bikinis, or boy shorts as a muscular frame generally fills the material better.

Speaking of material, there are so many fabrics to choose from for girls panties for men also! Lace, silk, satin, cotton, spandex, polyester to name a good selection. The fabric you pick is less dependent on your size and more so relies on your personality and how you wish to personify yourself. Lace is for the more feminine men; the men who are more gentle and sweet, and utilize innocence as a form of seduction. Men who enjoy silk or satin may be a little more fiery and passionate. These are men that do not just want to feel pretty. They want to feel sexy. Cotton is the best material for the simple guy who just likes the experience of feeling feminine. He may not even go out of his way to hook up with anyone or let them see his panties. Cotton girls panties for men are meant to be felt more than they are meant to be seen. Spandex is for the gym. Polyester is more for people who like to feel uncomfortable, am I right? There is a pair of panties for men all around the world for each individual male. Hopefully. the above advice helps in your selection.

Do You Enjoy Girls Panties for Men

When it comes to girls panties for men, you would be amazed at the number of guys who love wearing then. For centuries, men with a panty fetish or just a panty preference have had to resort to such things as raiding the dresser drawers of females that they have access to such as their sisters, mothers, aunts, or cousins. These men had to sneak into the bedrooms of these females and try to take panties that looked as if they were not often worn and would probably not even be missed. Of course, these guys were usually pretty worried that they would be found out someday and their humiliation would be enormous.


At first, it seemed as if there was no hope for guys who loved panties. Then, girls panties for men came on the scene. In the beginning, these panties were disguised as plus size ones and sold through catalogs from Frederick’s of Hollywood. A man could browse these catalogs and discreetly order what they wanted without anyone guessing their secret. They never even had to go into a public shop and deal with sales associates who would certainly be very curious about why men were shopping for plus size panties. These days, there is the internet in place of mail order catalogs which offer even more privacy for your special shopping. Many men turn to online websites to find their panties.

Fortunately, these days, designers have gone to their drawing boards and invented girls panties for men. These garments are actually made especially for men now. There is a little extra part to these specifically made to order panties that will eliminate the tucking that men must do in order to hide their natural package. You have to admit that if you cannot hide this away, it will bring you out of the proverbial closet and most likely will expose you to people that you do not want to know your little secret. Otherwise, pull out your computer and find some websites online that will give you some lovely, sexy options of panties made just for a man like you.

Give Your Guy Some Girls Panties for Men


If you are trying to find something fun and kinky to give your guy for a special occasion or simply for fun, try to find some girls panties for men. These can open a secret door that has been locked for years as far as how each man feels about wearing panties. There is a significant number of men who love wearing panties and have been doing so in secret since they were very young. Maybe they used to go through the dresser drawers of females that they had access to when they were growing up. They probably loved the silkiness of them or even the cotton ones. Then once they had tried on the panties, they were hooked on them. Obviously, not all males take up this little fetish but quite a lot of them actually do, carrying it into their adult lives.

Girls panties for men are going to feel much more comfortable and realistic than guys trying to snag some of the panties from females they have access to. You see, the panties that are created for men are made to do some of that tucking that can be so necessary. The fit is a tiny bit different but it still works quite well. These panties are in all styles such as bikini, thong, G-string and French style. Women have access to those styles of panties all the time. They can walk into a Victoria’s Secret anywhere and find some of the hottest panties around.

The point here is that if you have even the slightest suspicion that your guy might be into wearing girls panties for men, you should start searching for some and give them to your guy as a gift. It might just mean a night of naughty, role playing with him wearing the panties. The other thing it might do is let him know that you are perfectly ok with that particular fetish and he might just confess to you that he loves wearing panties. Of course, one of those things might naturally lead to the having fun together part and you may just have one of the sexiest, hottest nights of your relationship.

Girls Panties for Men Can Be Your Secret

One of the biggest secrets that many guys carry around with them is the fact that they wear girls panties for men. In fact, you would be working in an office with other co-workers who are wearing a pair of panties. You might also be one of those men. If that is the true, you have to understand that you can still enjoy wearing panties and have it remain a secret. No one has to know this about you and you certainly can continue to relax while wearing those panties. There   are also panties that are made much like those belonging to women. The comfort is still there as well as being easy to keep your very special secret.


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Girls panties for men have probably been around for a while, but there were few, if any, men who shared their secret with anyone. Therefore, these panties coming out into the public was a largely slow process. It is hard to know who was completely responsible for the initial launch but they caught on especially fast with men who had been borrowing the panties from the females in   their lives. Frederick’s of Hollywood was one of the first retail companies that started adding feminine items to the line of clothes in men’s sizes. They still have some amazing designs for the men who are trying to ease into this particular part of their lives.

Getting in touch with your feminine side can help you get comfortable while wearing girls panties for men. They do it mostly in private. There are websites that offer many different designs and styles of panties for men who are enlightened as well as confident. Many men have reverted to wearing the special panties that are created specifically for men. They are able to wear these panties in comfort while also keeping your package well-hidden. Once you start wearing panties, you will never look back.


Wearing Girls Panties for Men Every Day is Stress Relieving


When you think about girls panties for men you probably picture something flashy and made from lace or something but that isn’t what I like to wear. I have known guys that will wear panties like that all the time and they are perfectly happy with them. However, I am not happy while wearing items of that nature. In fact they bother me all day long and I keep trying to maneuver them around without looking like I am having a mental breakdown. I prefer wearing something that is comfortable and benign in appearance most of the time because that is the type of guy that I am.

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I do wear some extra sexy girls panties for men on certain occasions but for my everyday adventures I like the typical cotton panties instead. They are much more comfortable to me and they don’t tend to ride up into places that I would prefer they didn’t. Any guy that doesn’t have a problem with this happening has probably been wearing panties like this their entire life and it isn’t really a fetish for them anymore. Even when I am trying to be sexy my panties ride up and I spend a good bit of time trying to find ways of getting them back in place without simply sliding my hand down my pants and moving them.

I have also found that the girls panties for men that I enjoy wearing help reduce a small amount of stress in my life. The daily grind that I go through isn’t really filled with danger or anything but it does tend to get a bit monotonous at times. When I am wearing my panties though I don’t feel the same amount of boredom that I would normally feel if I was wearing my boxers and it has made me want to start wearing them more often. Now I wear them just about every day and I am buying more of them so that I can eventually toss out my old underwear and have nothing on but panties from here on out. It may sound odd to you but if you give it a shot you will understand what I am talking about rather quickly and you will probably do the same thing as I.

I Wear Girls Panties for Men Because I Love Them


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I love wearing girls panties for men everywhere I go. There is something so sexy about having those little cotton panties on and I just can’t help myself. I want to get up on tables and throw my pants off screaming for everyone to look at my cute little panties, although I know that will only get me into trouble. I still think about doing that while I am in those long ass business meetings with nothing to do. I wonder how my boss would handle something like that since he already seems to be afraid of me for some reason.

If you haven’t ever worn girls panties for men than you probably have no idea what I am talking about right now. These things are so comfortable that you literally think about nothing else all day long. It took me weeks to finally get my mind back in order when I first started wearing them. I would sit and day dream about all the fun things I could be doing in my panties while I was at work. I almost got fired because I was late on a really big account and it was all because I was trying to figure out what panties I was going to wear for the rest of the week.

Most guys don’t think about things like that but if they are wearing girls panties for men then I can guarantee that they are thinking in those terms. They don’t care about anything else that is going on around them as long as they have their panties in order. Or at least that is how I have been living my life for the last few years since I started wearing them all the time. I just think it would be great if I could do nothing but model panties online so that everyone could see exactly why they should be buying and wearing things like this.


Girls Panties for Men to be Unique



Wearing girls panties for men does not make me gay and it does not make me a sissy. I just wanted to put that out there first since that is usually what I get called the first time I reveal my secret to them. Then, we get into a huge argument over why guys should not be wearing panties and the friendship, or possibility of one, dies away rapidly. I have lost some pretty important people in my life because of this, including my own parents. This was because they simply could not grasp the reasoning I had about wearing panties all the time.

Guys that wear girls panties for men will tell you that the comfort is a big part of their decision to wear them. They will also tell you that there is something uniquely sexy about having something like this on under your clothes. It does not matter what type of “manly” thing you are doing with all your friends; you are still wearing panties underneath it all. I can see why people would not understand that but, to them, I say try it out for yourself and you will understand. Give yourself a chance to try out something new and see if it might be something you like. If you do not like it, then move on with your life and leave mine alone.

I strongly feel that wearing girls panties for men should be left up to the individual and not society. There are a lot of things that society can get right when it comes to governing a large group of individuals but, whether or not I should wear panties, is not one of them. I want to express myself in ways that society frowns on, but that does not make me a bad person. It does, however, make me a guy that is in touch with a part of himself that most men will never even get to see. That also makes me a highly unique individual that any man would be proud to claim.


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Getting Attached to Girls Panties for Men

To many who first become aware of girls panties for men, it may seem as if it is a joke of some kind. After all, guys don’t wear panties, right? Of course they don’t! Real men wear such things as briefs, boxers or tightie whities. Everyone knows that, right? Wrong! Men all over the world are wearing panties these days. There are so many guys indulging in this seemingly odd pleasure that there have been new designs of panties created just for men and their special underwear needs. It was only a matter of time before this happened because of the ideal comfort that panties have always provided to women. Sooner or later, men were bound to discover this secret for themselves.

A lot of guys who currently wear girls panties for men did not start out having these as their underwear of choice. They actually did begin their journey to big boy pants by wearing tightie whites, boxers, briefs or all three. Eventually, they started to notice that women wore underthings that were beautiful as well as very sexy and comfortable. It is somewhere along here that boys start to explore the lingerie drawers of their mothers or sisters or whatever female they have access to, and they began to sneak a peek at these panties. It is only the next logical step for them to try on these panties. Once that happens; they are usually hooked.


Today, open minded men from all over the world have made it a necessity for girls panties for men to be created in a way that meets the demands of the male body. These include such things as extra support in that certain area that will make “tucking” a thing of the past. The particular panties that are made just for men are fortified in the way that is needed while also providing that very special silkiness against their bare skin that women get to enjoy all the time. No longer do men have to sneak panties from the females in their lives. Now, they can simply head to one of the hundreds of thousands of websites that cater to men who appreciate alternative pleasures and browse until they have found the panties that speak to them. The panties are ordered and delivered discreetly right to their front doors.


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Keeping My Girls Panties for Men a Secret


I do my best to not let anyone know that I am wearing girls panties for men because most people would never understand why I would choose something like this. I have been wearing them for a long time now and I know what it is like when someone discovers a secret of this nature and they don’t take it very well. I have been in two different relationships where they found out I was wearing panties and I can say that at least there wasn’t an argument over it all. They simply got up and walked out the door never to be heard from again; not by me anyway.

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I do everything I can now to make sure people don’t find out about my girls panties for men since those relationships broke apart. I am hoping that I will find someone to spend the rest of my life with that will understand why I wear things like this, but that isn’t looking too good at the moment. Since people usually react so negatively to this lifestyle of mine, I don’t even bring it up in conversation to find out if they might like the idea.

I am sure that there are other men in the world that love wearing girls panties for men as much as I do and, hopefully, I will be able to meet them sometime. Until then, I will keep enjoying my life by wearing the panties I adore and keeping everyone around me from seeing them. It’s a good thing that I don’t go out in public all the much, I guess, since I don’t have to worry about accidently showing them off when I least expect it. On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to hang out with someone who knows what I am going through and can talk about the different kinds of panty designs that are out there. That would solve a lot of my unhappiness.