Take a Chance with Girls Panties for Men


Trying on girls panties for men for the first time was very exciting, but also a bit awkward. I am used to wearing typical guy’s underwear which has nothing frilly going on down there. But the girls panties that I was trying on was nothing except frilly. I almost didn’t want to go through with it as I thought that I was going to have to revoke my man card or something if I got caught wearing them. I just knew that my friends wouldn’t let me live something like this down if they ever found out and that kind of scared me.

One thing I have learned about life is that you shouldn’t be afraid of anything that might please you even though it is a bit different, and that includes wearing girls panties for men. If you find yourself interested in wearing something like this, then you should just do it. Give them a shot and see if they are something that you might actually enjoy wearing. Sure, you are going to feel a bit strange when you first put them on but the key is to not think about it too much. Once you forget that you are wearing them you realize just how great you feel in them.


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The only bad thing about wearing girls panties for men is that you like them so much that you want all your friends to know about them. My friends weren’t exactly welcoming about the fact that I had them on and all that harassment I was worried about getting from them came to fruition. But after a couple of months of hearing all of their jokes, it finally came to an end and now they accept me even when I am wearing my panties. This just goes to show you that you can be yourself and still wear something sexy under your pants if you want to.

Comfortable and Sexy Girls Panties for Men


Girls panties for men are things that a significant portion of the world’s population will never understand or accept. It hardly matters, though. The men that need to know about them already do and they have long since abandoned the need to fit in with everyone else. Instead, they have chosen their own path and decided to be different. Wearing these panties is simply one way of doing that.

While many people may find that men wearing these panties are weird or freakish, others simply shake their heads and move on without caring one way or another about it. The men that wear girls panties for men actually find them to be comfortable as well as quite sexy. You see, these panties are silky, soft, and, many times, lacey. They come in all colors of the rainbow as well as many others. Men that wear panties simply love the way that they feel against the skin and, yes, even their cocks. It may be like nothing else for many of these guys to massage their cocks through the silkiness of these panties. It can be stimulating and relaxing all at the same time.


Panties with a built in butt plug for very bad boys.

The question that most people might have about the men that wear girls panties for men is whether or not it is something they should be open about or hide. Obviously, most women don’t go around advertising what they’re wearing underneath their clothes, but that’s different. Women are sort of expected to be wearing panties in some style so no one is going to find it odd for them. On the other hand, men that are brave enough to be unique and wear panties should hold their heads up in pride whether they share their preference or not. They do have the freedom to do that and should take full advantage of it.


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Girls Panties for Men



When I first started wearing girls panties for men, I wasn’t aware of the comfort I would end up feeling. I just thought it would be fun to try out something a bit different from what I had grown up with. I admit that it was interesting to try out something of this nature but, as time went on, I came to realize that wearing these panties was the only thing keeping me sane. I know that doesn’t sound right to most guys, but that is how I feel about my panties these days. Try them for yourself and you will understand.

I had a hard time finding the right girls panties for men when I first decided to wear them, but that was mainly because there weren’t that many designs available back then. Now it is hard for me to pick out the designs I want to wear simply because there are so many different ones available. The internet is full of sites that are selling things like this and I have to spend a decent amount of time going through them all to make sure I am getting a style that I can’t live without.

If you are looking for something different to wear, then girls panties for men might be what you need in your life. For guys that have never worn anything like this; it might seem a bit strange at first but you will get used to the way they feel. Once you get used to them you will question why you hadn’t been wearing them much earlier in your life. I look back and think that making  this particular decision was probably the best thing I have ever done, even if there are still a lot of people that think it is weird to wear items of this nature.


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Girls Panties for Men and Fantasies


I love wearing my girls panties for men but I do wish I knew other guys out there that wore them, too. I know there are a lot of guys online that love wearing panties like this but I haven’t been able to meet any of them in my area. Just once, I would like to be able to talk to someone face to face about the things that we enjoy about our panties. Of course I’m not just going to walk up to total strangers and ask them if they are wearing panties, now, am I?

Wearing girls panties for men isn’t something that a lot of guys will admit to doing in person. In fact, this is one of those secrets that guys will do everything in order to keep. But I don’t mind letting people know about my panties if they happen to notice them. Not that something like that happens all the time but, when it does, I like to tell them what I am wearing and why I chose that particular design. It usually confuses them when they find out, but I have a decent bit of luck in getting them to understand.

I would like to think that I pass by all kinds of guys wearing girls panties for men except I just don’t know it. I might even find a few guys in the office where I work that love wearing panties all the time. Maybe I should invite people over for a panty party to see if anyone shows up wearing something like I wear. Although I am sure that if I did something like that, I would end up being ostracized by everyone at work and possibly fired, depending on how my boss reacts to it. Or maybe my boss wears panties as well and I could end up getting a very interesting promotion.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!

Enjoying My Girls Panties for Men

Wearing girls panties for men has been one of my favorite things to do in the last couple of years. I don’t exactly know why I have spent this much time wearing them, other than I find them extremely comfortable and sexy. I don’t really believe that I have a fetish for them so much as I just enjoy them a lot. I think there has to be some kind of connection to sexual gratification in order for it to qualify as an actual fetish, which I don’t normally get while wearing them.

I do know that when I have my girls panties for men on, I am able to concentrate more on the things that I need to take care of for some reason. I guess that would have something to do with the comfort that I feel while they are on. I think it gives me a bit more self-confidence to go out there and try new things or something. I’m not really sure what causes it, but I know it is happening because I am usually lost when I am wearing more traditional mens underwear designs during the day.

I know that it is weird to some people when they find out a guy is wearing girls panties for men, which is why I do my best to keep it a secret. I can only imagine what my friends and family would think of me for wearing something like this. I guess it’s a good thing that I prefer the lower cut designs of panties over the ones that people might end up seeing if I were to bend over at some point during the day. Although there are times when I wish it was normal for guys to wear panties so that I didn’t have to hide it all the time.




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Discovering Girls Panties for Men

Wearing girls panties for men is something that some guys would look at and instantly dismiss. They think that wearing things like this makes them less than a man somehow and that just isn’t true. I have been wearing panties like this for a long time now and there is nothing about my manhood that has diminished. In fact, I feel more comfortable in these panties than I ever did when I was wearing manly boxers. All I had to do was get over the fact that I was wearing panties and start living my life the way I wanted to live it.

Once I was able to understand that wearing girls panties for men wasn’t going to instantly turn me into a cross dressing female impersonator, I was able to wear them out in public without any hassles. It was a bit different to wear them for the first time, but I got used to the way they felt and I was able to go about my daily routine unhindered. Now I can’t imagine living my life without them and hope that I never have to figure out if I can go on without wearing my sexy little panties.

Girls panties for men are pretty easy to find these days as long as you have a computer handy. Since everyone has a computer and Internet access these days, you should be able to find a site that sells sexy panties in no time. Even if it takes you ten minutes to figure out what style you are going to wear; it’s still less time than trying to find your size of boxers in a retail store. So if you are looking to change things in your life and have some fun at the same time, why not take a look at some of the panties currently available on the market and see what you are missing out on?


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Girls Panties for Men to Create the Perfect Sexual Tension

Girls Panties for Men to Create the Perfect Sexual Tension

Nothing is sexier to me than wearing girls panties for men while I am out at the club. Wearing erotic panties under my clothes while I am dancing at the club gives me the perfect amount of comfort and sexual tension to help me enjoy the evening more than ever, and the panties that I tend to wear definitely give me sexual tension. I find it almost impossible to go out for the night without walking around with a full erection showing in my pants. It’s difficult to dance like that, but I have been able to get over it and I am sure that you could, too.

When it comes to picking out my girls panties for men, I tend to look around online. I thought about going to a store once and wasn’t very impressed with limited selection that they had available. They didn’t really have much in the way of erotic panties, either, which is what I really wanted to wear. Being able to find panties online has given me options that I never really knew I would be able to try and I can finally feel comfortable in the panties that I have on.

I would definitely recommend looking for girls panties for men online rather than trying to deal with what the stores have to offer. Waiting for them to show up in the mail can be annoying, but it’s better than forcing yourself to choose between designs that you really don’t want to wear in the first place. Having the opportunity to choose between a large variety of designs means that you are going to have an easier time in picking something that you will truly enjoy wearing. Of course, I don’t usually end up staying in my panties all that long when I go to the club and get lucky. But that’s a story for another day.


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Girls Panties for Men is Fun

Girls Panties for Men is Fun

When it comes to wearing girls panties for men, you might want to make sure that the people around you understand why you are wearing them. Of course, if you never plan on showing or telling them that you have them on, then it doesn’t really matter. But try explaining why you are hiding your panties from your partner and see how well that goes. It’s not as easy as you may think and that is why it’s important to let them know as soon as you can so that you can avoid upsetting anyone that might not understand you.

I have been wearing girls panties for men for most of my adult life and love them with all my heart. Unfortunately, the partners I have had during that time didn’t seem to understand the fascination I had with them and they couldn’t handle me wearing panties. They always thought that there was something fundamentally wrong with me and they would leave shortly after finding out what I was wearing under my clothes. But once I started telling people before a relationship started; it didn’t seem to be such a big deal. At least to me it wasn’t when they walked away as they often did.

I now have a partner that enjoys wearing girls panties for men almost as much as I do and I am thankful that I told him upfront when we first met. The funny thing is that he wanted to tell me upfront as well, but couldn’t bring himself to tell me because he was afraid I would think he was a freak. When I told him about my panties, he laughed and explained to me why he was wearing his. I guess you could say it was a relationship made in heaven since we both enjoyed the exact same thing.


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Give Girls Panties for Men a Try

Give Girls Panties for Men a Try

I never thought I would be wearing girls panties for men until I realized that they are way more comfortable to wear than anything a guy can find on the market these days. It is a good thing that I was able to find these panties online, though, as I don’t think I could handle going into a store for the first time and asking a sales clerk if they had panties that I could wear. I am pretty sure that I would be so embarrassed that I would have had to make up some story about needing to buy some for my girlfriend who just happens to be the same build and size as I am.

I know that there are a lot of guys out there that are wearing girls panties for men on a regular basis and everything, but I just don’t think that I would have it in me to show them off to people. If I could be like all those other guys wearing things like this and not caring about whether or not anyone else finds out, then I would be more than happy with my life. But I think that there would be a lot of people in my life that would have issues with what I was choosing to wear.


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Of course, I am perfectly happy to wear my girls panties for men in the privacy of my own home where I can enjoy them without people noticing. It allows me to have that special alone time that I enjoy so much and gives me a chance to relax after a stressful day. One of these days I am going to wear them under my clothes to work and see if anyone would notice. I don’t plan on taking my pants off and showing them so I am pretty sure I could get away with something like that. After all, if I’m comfortable wearing these panties, it’s not like I’ll be calling attention to myself or anything.

Feel More Alive with Girls Panties for Men

Feel More Alive with Girls Panties for Men

I love wearing girls panties for men because of how sexy they make me feel. Some of them are pretty comfortable as well, but there are some that seem to have missed out on what the definition of comfortable actually means. Of course, I still wear the ones that aren’t all that comfortable as well since they make me feel even sexier when I have them on. Some of the most erotic panties I own are also some of the most uncomfortable to wear under my clothes, but they make me feel the sexiest when I have them on.

I know that there are guys that enjoy wearing girls panties for men like I do, but there are more guys that prefer to not wear the over erotic versions out in public. I can understand that since it’s all I can do to walk around without showing off my massive erection caused by my sexy panties. It takes a lot of self-control to wear something that turns you on that much, especially when you are out in public. But I do recommend giving it a shot once in a while to remember why you are alive these days.

You just might find that the occasional erotic girls panties for men option is just what you need to jumpstart your life again. Eventually, you may feel like you are stuck in a rut as life passes you by and that is the point when you need to pick out something extra sexy to wear out in public. It gives you a feeling of being completely free to experience everything around you; at least that is what it does to me when I wear them. That is the main reason I tend to wear my panties as often as I possibly can these days. It may offer the same uplifting sensation for you, too.


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