Getting Attached to Girls Panties for Men

To many who first become aware of girls panties for men, it may seem as if it is a joke of some kind. After all, guys don’t wear panties, right? Of course they don’t! Real men wear such things as briefs, boxers or tightie whities. Everyone knows that, right? Wrong! Men all over the world are wearing panties these days. There are so many guys indulging in this seemingly odd pleasure that there have been new designs of panties created just for men and their special underwear needs. It was only a matter of time before this happened because of the ideal comfort that panties have always provided to women. Sooner or later, men were bound to discover this secret for themselves.

A lot of guys who currently wear girls panties for men did not start out having these as their underwear of choice. They actually did begin their journey to big boy pants by wearing tightie whites, boxers, briefs or all three. Eventually, they started to notice that women wore underthings that were beautiful as well as very sexy and comfortable. It is somewhere along here that boys start to explore the lingerie drawers of their mothers or sisters or whatever female they have access to, and they began to sneak a peek at these panties. It is only the next logical step for them to try on these panties. Once that happens; they are usually hooked.


Today, open minded men from all over the world have made it a necessity for girls panties for men to be created in a way that meets the demands of the male body. These include such things as extra support in that certain area that will make “tucking” a thing of the past. The particular panties that are made just for men are fortified in the way that is needed while also providing that very special silkiness against their bare skin that women get to enjoy all the time. No longer do men have to sneak panties from the females in their lives. Now, they can simply head to one of the hundreds of thousands of websites that cater to men who appreciate alternative pleasures and browse until they have found the panties that speak to them. The panties are ordered and delivered discreetly right to their front doors.


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Keeping My Girls Panties for Men a Secret


I do my best to not let anyone know that I am wearing girls panties for men because most people would never understand why I would choose something like this. I have been wearing them for a long time now and I know what it is like when someone discovers a secret of this nature and they don’t take it very well. I have been in two different relationships where they found out I was wearing panties and I can say that at least there wasn’t an argument over it all. They simply got up and walked out the door never to be heard from again; not by me anyway.

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I do everything I can now to make sure people don’t find out about my girls panties for men since those relationships broke apart. I am hoping that I will find someone to spend the rest of my life with that will understand why I wear things like this, but that isn’t looking too good at the moment. Since people usually react so negatively to this lifestyle of mine, I don’t even bring it up in conversation to find out if they might like the idea.

I am sure that there are other men in the world that love wearing girls panties for men as much as I do and, hopefully, I will be able to meet them sometime. Until then, I will keep enjoying my life by wearing the panties I adore and keeping everyone around me from seeing them. It’s a good thing that I don’t go out in public all the much, I guess, since I don’t have to worry about accidently showing them off when I least expect it. On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to hang out with someone who knows what I am going through and can talk about the different kinds of panty designs that are out there. That would solve a lot of my unhappiness.


My Girls Panties for Men Secret


Nearly all people carry closely held secrets with them as they travel through their lives. I am one of those people and my secret would get me run out of town on a rail, most likely. You see, my secret is that I wear girls panties for men. Now, before you start judging me, you need to take a deep, hard look at all of the fun and benefits that can be had from doing such a simple thing. You probably even think that there would never be anything good that could come from wearing non-traditional underpants. But you would be wrong in that estimation.

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I got started early in life with my love of wearing panties. When I was a teenager I became very curious about the underwear that my female relatives wore. I even started sneaking into my sister’s room and going through her dresser to try on her panties. I loved that silky sensation against my bare skin. It was particularly exciting to know that I was being so naughty by wearing these garments. I continued to wear these panties when I could get my hands on them until the day I discovered girls panties for men. That was the day when my life changed completely and for the better.

The difference in the women’s panties that I had been sneaking from my sister and the ones that are now being made for especially for men is that that the specially made ones take care of the extra body parts comfortably while still providing the same sensuous sensation of womens panties. Whoever invented girls panties for men had to have been a genius. That is all I can say. It had to be a man who did this because these panties are perfect. They offer all of the same comfort and sexiness of true womens panties while fitting men in a way that only they can understand. Now, it is my little secret at this point that I wear these panties. However, one day I might just come out and tell everyone.


Take a Chance with Girls Panties for Men


Trying on girls panties for men for the first time was very exciting, but also a bit awkward. I am used to wearing typical guy’s underwear which has nothing frilly going on down there. But the girls panties that I was trying on was nothing except frilly. I almost didn’t want to go through with it as I thought that I was going to have to revoke my man card or something if I got caught wearing them. I just knew that my friends wouldn’t let me live something like this down if they ever found out and that kind of scared me.

One thing I have learned about life is that you shouldn’t be afraid of anything that might please you even though it is a bit different, and that includes wearing girls panties for men. If you find yourself interested in wearing something like this, then you should just do it. Give them a shot and see if they are something that you might actually enjoy wearing. Sure, you are going to feel a bit strange when you first put them on but the key is to not think about it too much. Once you forget that you are wearing them you realize just how great you feel in them.


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The only bad thing about wearing girls panties for men is that you like them so much that you want all your friends to know about them. My friends weren’t exactly welcoming about the fact that I had them on and all that harassment I was worried about getting from them came to fruition. But after a couple of months of hearing all of their jokes, it finally came to an end and now they accept me even when I am wearing my panties. This just goes to show you that you can be yourself and still wear something sexy under your pants if you want to.

Keeping my Girls Panties for Men a Secret

I have been caught wearing girls panties for men and now my friends won’t leave me alone about it. I tried my best to keep this part of my life a secret from them since I know how they are. My friends are the type that will pick out the weakest of the herd and go straight in for the attack; not in a physical manner or anything like that. They are great guys but once they have something on you that they find humiliating or funny; they won’t let it go. We have been picking on Joe for the last fifteen years about him waking up late and accidently putting on his sister’s pants before coming to school. So you can see how me wearing girls panties for men has become the big topic of our social lives now. Every time we go anywhere that might have a store nearby my friends start asking me if I buy my panties there. I even got a wonderful gift on Valentine’s Day from Victoria Secrets from my friends. The funny thing about that is I actually wear it when I go out with them and they don’t know it yet. I just wished they could understand that my girls panties for men are way more comfortable than anything they might be wearing. I would love to be able to trick them into wearing these panties at some point so that they could see that I am right about it all. Of course I was never the one that could trick any of them into anything. Maybe they are just giving me a hard time because they are wearing panties, too, and they don’t want the secret to get out. Maybe I should figure out a way of getting us all together and forcing them to strip their pants off so that we can finally put this all behind us. It would be quite amusing to find that I am right.

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Getting the Perfect Fit in Girls Panties for Men


Girls panties for men have evolved quite a bit over the years. In the past, men were forced to sneak into the lingerie drawers of their wives, girlfriends, sisters, or even mothers in order to find some panties that they could slip onto their bodies. The main reason for this is that men wearing panties was sort of frowned upon. Even today, there is a slight stigma attached to men who want to lounge around their homes in a pair of panties or even wear them under their street clothes as they go about their daily routines. That is most likely the real reason that most men who enjoy the experience of wearing panties are still very much in the closet about it all. They have chosen not to be ridiculed for something that they like and find to be an important part of their lives.

When it comes to wearing girls panties for men, one of the biggest attractions is the sensation of that silk material against their bare skin. There are few things that can compare to this deliciously wicked feeling and men tend to be drawn to it quite strongly. That is another reason that they have raided the lingerie drawers of the females in their lives. Those panties always had a silky feeling to them even though many of them were made from satin or cotton as well as silk. It did not really matter in the long run, though. These garments were panties and the men that love wearing them are happy to deal with whatever material they happen to be made from.

These days, there are companies that create girls panties for men because they understand the pull that these garments have over guys. While these are girls panties, they are made with men in mind. An extra little panel is included on these panties so that a man’s parts will be easily and effectively concealed when he is wearing his panties. So, yes they are girls panties but they are made with a man’s body in mind so that he can get even more pleasure from wearing them no matter how he chooses to do that.

Feel Free to Enjoy your Girls Panties for Men

If you are one of those guys that secretly love wearing girls panties for men, there are some things that you definitely will have to get used to if you are going to wear them as often as you would like. For one thing, keep in mind that no one has to know that you are wearing panties under your business suit. Actually, they don’t have to know what you might have on under there unless you choose to share that information with them. By doing things on the sly, you never have to worry about someone discovering your little secret. Granted, you may have to be careful about using a public mens room because someone standing next to you at the urinals might get a glimpse of something pretty and lacey.

Another thing that you might need to watch is how well your girls panties for men fit you and what you wear them under. Panties have a tendency to fit snugly, which is exactly as it should be. However, the outline of them can show quite clearly when worn under just the right sort of slacks or jeans. Once that outline is spotted, there will be little doubt about what sort of underwear that you have on. Bikini and thong styles of panties are the worse culprits but they can be fixed so that the outline is barely visible at all if you are careful as to how you wear them. ”Hottest spandex panties for men at All made in the USA by total spandex freaks!

Something else that you might find to be a bit easier with girls panties for men is the tucking process. This will be especially important to those men that engage in some cross dressing. If the panties that they are wearing are created for men, there will be something there to shield the male package from view. These are always much easier than trying to do that whole tucking thing. That nearly always turns out to be rather uncomfortable and awkward. Who knows when something may come undone and just pop out? That would certainly take the magic out of enjoying the feminine experience. So just enjoy yourself and go forth full throttle with those panties! You are going to love it!


Girls Panties for Men and Understanding Women

Wearing girls panties for men used to be one of those fetishes that no one ever spoke about in public. Most people would usually think that there was either something wrong with you mentally or that you were gay and trying to keep it in the closet. They didn’t understand that a lot of guys simply find wearing panties much more comfortable than wearing men designed underwear all the time. I lived with that secret for a very long time and figured that I would end up being single the rest of my life because of the stigma that went along with this lifestyle.

Then, one day, I met a woman that understood why I would wear girls panties for men and she didn’t mind. In fact, there have been plenty of times in our life together that she has purchased said panties for me as a gift for a special occasion. Thankfully, she would do this in secret instead of having me open a pack of sexy panties on my birthday in front of all our friends and family. I’m sure that would have been rather interesting for everyone at that party to see me open something like that. I would have been the talk of the town after that.



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Having someone that understands why I wear girls panties for men in my life has been the most amazing thing for me. I don’t have to hide this from her and she even thinks that I look sexier in them than she does. I would naturally disagree with that, but it’s nice having her argue with me while having that little smile on her face. It really has taken a lot of stress out of my life as keeping this hidden from everyone else makes me wonder what will happen when they find out. But since she knows and accepts me for who I am; it doesn’t really matter what anyone else might think about it.


Why I Love Girls Panties for Men


Once upon a time, I had to raid my current girlfriend’s dresser and, later, my wife’s dresser for panties to wear. These days, I no longer have to worry about that because I have discovered girls panties for men. Whoever invented these had to be a total genius! I cannot say enough great things about the panties because the list, for me, would be way too long to share. I would just be going on and on extoling the virtues of these panties.

First of all, when I used to have to wear panties made for women, while they were extremely comfortable, they simply didn’t always fit exactly like they needed to fit a man. I’m going out on a limb here and assume that is because those panties were not made to accommodate a man’s extra “parts.”  On the other hand, girls panties for men are perfect! They are made from the same comfortable fabric that women’s panties favor, yet my package fits inside of them perfectly! I can wear these panties under anything and anywhere I want to go. That is such a comfort that I am not sure I can explain how much it means to me.

Men all over the world that enjoy wearing women’s panties are in love with this new style that has been created just for them. I cannot recommend these girls panties for men strongly enough. All you have to do is find the websites that sell them and you will have all of the choices you could ever imagine. I personally online shopping especially for my panties. I have so many options in addition to a respect for my privacy. There is no need to go out into any shops and let the world know that I love wearing panties. Not to mention that I would really need to search high and low for shops that would even carry them. However, as long as I can find what I like, I am as happy as I can be.

Understanding Girls Panties for Men


Wearing girls panties for men around my friends would be one of the biggest mistakes I could ever make. These guys will take any opportunity to pick on anyone and enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, though; they are some of the best friends a guy could ever want, but they are kind of childish when it comes to things like this. As long as I don’t have to worry about changing clothes or bending over too far when they are around, then I’m fine. I can wear my panties without them noticing and end up enjoying my time with them.

Being single means that I can wear my girls panties for men around the house without anyone saying anything about them. I did have a girlfriend once that found out about them and freaked out pretty bad. She didn’t understand why I would want to wear something that is as comfortable as the panties she was wearing. I tried to explain to her that there is nothing wrong with me wearing them, but she didn’t want to hear any of that. She figured that there was something emotionally wrong with me and didn’t want to deal with any other issues I might have.

I figure that if I can’t be with someone that understands why I would want to wear girls panties for men, then they aren’t worth my effort and time. Maybe someday I will find someone that is open minded enough to allow me my happiness but, until then, I am perfectly fine by myself. I enjoy wearing my panties and there isn’t anyone in the world that is going to tell me that I can’t, unless my friends catch me in them and start harassing me to make them sandwiches and stuff like a good girl is supposed to do. There might be a few problems, then.


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